Active Aluminum-Rich Primers

Active aluminum rich primers offer superior protection against galvanic corrosion, are cost competitive with hexavalent chromium and offer comparable salt spray protection, as well as environmental and health advantages


The U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) is a leading developer of environmentally friendly coatings and is currently focused on developing an improved universal primer for protecting assets made of aluminum, steel, and mixed metals.

NAWCAD’s new primer is based on an active aluminum alloy which is incorporated as a corrosion-inhibiting pigment or powder. The primer is designed to provide electrochemical protection to aluminum, steel, and other metallic objects and to withstand the severe operating environment of Navy aircraft, ships and facilities, as well as any other outdoor environment, and be easy to mix and apply.

The primer is compatible with typical surface preparations including aluminum anodize and conversion coating, phosphate coatings on steel, sacrificial coatings, and other primers. It also provides good adhesion and corrosion performance when applied directly to the surface of metals and composites. The active aluminum alloy powders may be added to any suitable resin or binder system including epoxies, polyurethanes, polysiloxanes, polythioethers, polysufides, silicates, titanates and zirconates.

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