Adjustable Buttstock

Military-grade adjustable buttstock assembly

Military Technology

ImageThe U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) has developed, patented, and fielded a buttstock assembly that is adjustable to accommodate a variety of pull lengths. Adjustments can be made using only one hand. Accidental adjustments are eliminated by requiring the user to depress a single button and rotate the assembly one-quarter turn to enable the pull length to be adjusted. A quick twist back locks the buttstock in position.

The ability to quickly adjust pull length is important to accommodating various sizes of firearm users, different shooting styles and usage situations, or even adjusting to seasonable or mission-specific outerwear such as jackets and body armor. The adjustable feature of some competing technologies can be accidentally activated, while other designs are not easy to use.

The ARDEC device overcomes both shortcomings in a unit that is highly durable. It is currently deployed for use on M240 and M249 machine guns. ARDEC’s adjustable buttstock also features a removable, modular cheek rest that provides convenient storage for important small items and supplies. The buttstock can be utilized with or without a buffer device and can be modified to accommodate a variety of firearms.

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