Adjustable depth air sparging (ADAS) system

Permits infinite adjustability to increase the distribution of air or chemicals within a single air sparge well


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Adjustable Depth Air Sparging (ADAS) SystemNaval Engineering has developed the innovative Adjustable Depth Air Sparging (ADAS) system. Embodied in a suite of five patents, the technology permits infinite adjustability to significantly increase the distribution of air within a single air sparge well. ADAS can be used with conventional air sparging equipment and results in reduced project costs and improved cleanup performance.

Air Sparging is a commonly deployed environmental remediation technology by which pressurized air is injected into a contaminated groundwater zone to remove harmful volatile contaminants. The injected air strips the contaminants from a liquid phase to a vapor phase and transports the volatile compounds via air channels to the unsaturated zone. The extent of air within the remedial zone of an air sparging site affects the level of contact with the target contaminants, leading to a site’s successful cleanup.

Present systems use discrete depth air sparge wells to inject into the subsurface. The level of air distribution is increased by using a composite set of wells to vary the air injection depth. Attempts to mechanically adjust air sparge wells with specialized equipment have met with only limited success.

ADAS is a sparging system that allows the user to precisely and repeatedly adjust the depth of air injection without the expense of having to install new air sparge wells. The ADAS system employs an inflatable flow-through packer, a device that slides annularly through the same type of directly driven well as used for conventional air sparge systems. The flow-through packer is designed to seal off the interior of the air sparge well so that injection air flowing out from the bottom of the packer does not travel back up the interior of the well. The system allows an operator to easily raise and lower the packer without the need for specialized equipment.

The ADAS inflatable flow-through packer depends upon the same pressurized air that is supplied to inject or sparge into the groundwater. Once airflow is ceased, the packer will automatically deflate, allowing the operator to readjust the packer to a new depth.

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