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Advanced thermal and environmental barrier coatings

An innovative multilayer coating system to enhance the protection of silicon-base ceramic components exposed to very high temperatures and/or high gas flow velocity water vapor combustion environments


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Plasma-spray processing of environmental barrier coatings using a high temperature plasma-spray system
Plasma-spray processing of environmental barrier coatings using a high temperature
plasma-spray system

The US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is at the forefront of technological and mobility-related research of ground and air vehicles, with particular expertise in developing advanced coatings with low thermal conductivity and long-term high temperature which are critical to future advanced engine systems.

The ARL multilayer coating system features an advanced oxide-silicate coating with an interlayer composed of a number of carefully selected sublayers.  The different materials and interfaces of the sublayers disrupt heat flow within the coating system, significantly reducing its thermal conductivity.  In addition, the stacking of the sublayers creates a strain-tolerant buffer between the top layer of the coating system and the silicon-base ceramic component that can better accommodate thermal expansion mismatch.  This enhances the overall durability of the coating system itself.

Advantages include a 2,700°C operating ceiling and a greatly improved resistance to the insidious effects of calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate (CMAS) glass formation that plague all thermal and environmental coating systems.

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