Air-amplifying inflation nozzle

Device reduces the amount of tanked compressed air required by augmenting with atmospheric air from the environment


Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory have recently invented an air amplification device that can be used to quickly fill marine rafts, rigid inflatable boats, life rafts, and other inflatable objects. The patented technology is available via patent license agreement to companies that would make, use, or sell it commercially.

Navy scientists have invented an air amplification device that quickly fills boats like this one, requiring less compressed air. 

Compressed air from a pressurized tank, such as a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) tank, is employed to inflate large objects. However, storing and transporting multiple tanks can be costly in terms of both weight and physical volume. For instance, military personnel must carry at least two standard-size SCUBA tanks onboard to fully inflate a Zodiac FC470 boat.

To address this problem, Navy researchers have developed an air amplifier that reduces the amount of tanked compressed air required for inflating collapsible boats and other objects.

Patent drawing

This small device augments compressed air from high-pressure containers with ambient air from the atmosphere. Utilizing air amplification reduces the amount of carried air needed and, consequently, reduces weight and saves space while accelerating the inflation of the object.

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