Ambient activity monitors for hidden computing system and process metadata

  • US Patent No. 9229619
  • Issued: January 05, 2016
  • Status: Active
Software & Information Technology

A computing system having attached display devices comprising a primary display area controlled by a corresponding attached display device; a running software application coupled to the primary display area, the software application being actively manipulated by a user and the corresponding primary display area being actively perceived by the user; a plurality of software measurement mechanisms, each coupled to hidden internal states of the running software application; data mapping functions each coupled to a plurality of software measurement mechanisms; one or more secondary display areas each controlled by a corresponding attached display device, where each secondary display area does not occlude or obscure the primary display area; one or more display algorithms, each which couples secondary display areas to one or more data mapping functions, in which the secondary display area shows representations of the hidden internal states via the software measurement mechanisms, data mapping functions, and display algorithms.

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