Apparatus and method for data fusion and visualization of video and LADAR data

  • US Patent No. 9215382
  • Issued: December 15, 2015
  • Status: Active
Software & Information Technology

Data fusion and visualization of video and LADAR data includes using a fusion matrix to electronically transform each point of a LADAR point cloud from Cartesian coordinates into a homogeneous fusion coordinate system (FCS). The FCS has projective geometry dimensions of row, column, and depth. A control camera is provided for user input to generate a control matrix. A fusion point cloud is generated by electronically fusing each transformed point. The pixel color is found in the video frame at the row and column indicated from the transform of each point of the LADAR point cloud. The control camera is used to control a view of the fusion point cloud by removing non-visible points found at depths deeper than a point having the smallest depth for each row and column. The visible points are rendered on the fusion point cloud to generate a control frame.

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