Apparatus and method for remotely and automatically controlling the volume of audio signals produced by a remotely controlled audio device

  • US Patent No. 6940986
  • Issued: September 06, 2005
  • Status: Expired

An apparatus and method for remotely and automatically adjusting the volume of a remotely controlled audio device. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a sensor circuit for continuously detecting audio signals generated by the audio device, a difference circuit for determining the difference between the amplitude of the detected audio signals and a reference audio signal amplitude and for outputting a signal that represents this difference, a difference signal transfer circuit having an input for receiving the difference signal and an output wherein the difference signal is coupled to the output when the sensor circuit outputs a signal that indicates an audio signal has been detected, and a control circuit for generating a control signal that effects attenuation, augmentation or maintenance of the amplitude of the audio signals generated by the audio device in accordance with the difference signal when the sensor circuit detects an audio signal.

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