Armor unit

  • US Patent No. 8132985
  • Issued: March 13, 2012
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

Armor units for rubble mound structures including breakwaters, revetments, groins, jetties, and the like. Embodiments are appropriate for ocean, river, lake and reservoir structure armoring, to prevent erosion from damaging hydrodynamic forces resulting from waves and water currents, and the like. An embodiment includes a central rectangular section, three “half H-shaped” appendages, two identical frusta (end members), and a flat bottom with two extrusions, nominally smaller than other appendages and frusta. An embodiment is symmetric about two perpendicularly intersecting vertical planes extending through the centroid of the unit. The three half H-shaped members are connected to outer parts of a side defined as the top and the two longitudinal sides of the central section. The three half H-shaped members and the two end members comprise four-sided frusta that taper from a base at the central rectangular section to four-sided distal ends. For select embodiments, the frusta are generally symmetric.

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