Arthropod repellent pharmacophore models, compounds identified as fitting the pharmacophore models, and methods of making and using thereof

  • US Patent No. 7897162
  • Issued: March 01, 2011
  • Status: Expired
Medical & Biotechnology

Disclosed herein is a pharmacophore model for arthropod repellent activity and methods of making and using thereof. The pharmacophore comprises two hydrophobic aliphatic functions, one aromatic function and one hydrogen bond acceptor function. The pharmacophore model was made using a test set of arthropod repellent compounds. Also disclosed are arthropod repellent compounds identified by screening databases with the pharmacophore model. Also disclosed are methods of repelling arthropods from a surface or area. Compositions and formulations comprising the compounds of the present invention as well as objects having the compounds of the present invention are disclosed.

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