Assemblable module charge system

  • US Patent No. 9074855
  • Issued: July 07, 2015
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

The assemblable module charge system includes a set of quadrant panels, where an individual quadrant panel is a fractional component of a cylindrical wall having a plurality of external longitudinal parallel rails separated by channels. The fractional cylindrical wall has a sectional length with fastening side edges. The set of panels may be stored as a flat-pack and assembled into a single module. The volume of the flat-pack is less than half the volume of the assembled module. The flat-pack is a group of unassembled quadrant panels nested to minimize space. The system uses elongate slides that may be frictionally positioned in channels shared by the module and a charge system. The charge system is a prepackaged explosive that may be fastened to the assembled module.

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