Atmospheric transmissometer using a modulated optical source

  • US Patent No. 9236939
  • Issued: January 12, 2016
  • Status: Active

A system and method involve detecting a modulated optical signal from an atmospheric propagation channel, wherein the modulated optical signal comprises an optical signal from an optical source modulated with a periodic signal at a modulation frequency greater than the bandwidth of the turbulence within the atmospheric propagation channel, and converting the detected modulated optical signal into a digitized electrical signal. The method also includes determining the root mean square signal power of an AC component of the digitized electrical signal at the modulation frequency. The method further includes determining the power spectral density of the digitized electrical signal, determining the magnitude of the peak component at the modulation frequency, and determining the effective optical depth of the atmospheric propagation channel using the magnitude of the peak component at the modulation frequency.

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