Augmented reality (AR) head mounted display (HMD)

Brings fighter-pilot visual awareness systems to ground personnel

Military Technology

One example of an AR HMD system (1.) Components include a camera (3) positioned on the headpiece (5), visual displays (not shown but on reverse side optics (7A, 7B). A transceiver (not shown) is also incorporated. System permits viewing through lenses with a visual overlay or it can be designed to selectively block out light coming through the lenses and thus create an AR visualization that shows a concurrent video image received from the camera.

Augmented reality systems are quickly being adopted for both military and commercial applications to provide additional information to the wearer. They are used for simulations, training, and live operations for enhanced awareness in the field.

Navy researchers are integrating AR technology into head mounted displays (HMD) to effectively provide ground deployed troops with the technology utilized by pilots. This particular system will show the aim-point of a weapon on a target and the travel path of the bullet or projectile. This feature provides an effective understanding to the wearer of a particular area which will be affected or impacted by a fired weapon. Photogrammetry provides a surveying and mapping function to measure distances between objects in the field. Integrated GPS, accelerometers, and gyros determine and track the user’s location.

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