Automated system for performing kepner tregoe analysis for spread sheet output

  • US Patent No. 6944816
  • Issued: September 13, 2005
  • Status: Expired
Software & Information Technology

An automated system for performing a Kepner Tregoe analysis provides a graphical user interface having dedicated data entry screens that include i) a first screen for entering criteria to be used in the Kepner Tregoe analysis, ii) a second screen for entering a relative importance value between each of the criteria and all others of the criteria, iii) a third screen for entering candidates to be used in the Kepner Tregoe analysis, and iv) a fourth screen for entering a raw score associated with each of the criteria for each of the candidates. A separate and dedicated score processor calculates the various parameters associated with the Kepner Tregoe analysis. A text file generator arranges the data for use by a spread sheet processor that will then function solely as part of an output device.

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