Automatic antenna-switching apparatus and system

  • US Patent No. 7071791
  • Issued: July 04, 2006
  • Status: Expired

An automatic antenna-switching apparatus is provided for the user to connect a single multiband communications platform to a group of antennas with different frequencies by detecting the RF energy input representing the user's selected frequency and automatically switching to the properly polarized and matched antenna for the intended radio band in the group of antennas. The automatic antenna-switching apparatus includes an RF input port, a means for RF sensing, a means for antenna port selection, a group of RF output connectors and a group of different output antennas. The RF sensing means senses the RF energy with a means for frequency counting that determines the exact frequency represented by the RF energy during a particular radio transmission. The RF sensing means sends a frequency count output to the antenna port selection means that compares the frequency count output with the available connected output antennas. The present invention also contemplates an automatic antenna-switching system and a method for automatically switching antennas for a multiband communications device to different frequencies.

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