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Avionics data bus firewall

A hardware firewall to isolate aircraft line replaceable units (LRUs)

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Avionics Data Bus Firewall

Proper firewalling of LRUs may increase operational readiness of equipment

While both military and commercial aircraft electronic system designers are concerned with avionics data bus integrity, they are also under pressure to reduce cost, increase operability and where possible, utilize commercially available components.  Strides have been made in this area with use of LRUs which are modular, plug-and-play electronic components which serve a multitude of functions.  Still, LRUs may themselves impact flight safety if they can transmit data to other components rather than simply receive.

Air Force researchers have developed a hardware firewall to address the above issue which isolates LRUs and other devices such that they can only receive data.  The military has concerns with the integrity of data between LRUs while commercial carriers are also concerned with passengers accessing avionics circuitry through on-board networks. Isolating LRUs would mitigate concerns in both environments.

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