Bearing-only tracking for horizontal linear arrays with rapid, accurate initiation and a robust track accuracy threshold

  • US Patent No. 9213100
  • Issued: December 15, 2015
  • Status: Active

A method forms a passive acoustic track to cue an active multistatic acoustic tracking system. The passive track cue reduces the false track rate in the active tracker by focusing search area and selectively initiating active tracks. The passive track originates from a fixed passive acoustic horizontal line array (HLA). The HLA cannot determine target range or resolve left-right ambiguity but can predict Closest-Point-of-Approach (CPA) events. For each CPA event, a cue is forwarded to the active system for initiation. The method presents a minimal parametric representation for a passive acoustic track and uses an algorithm to obtain initial estimated parameters to initiate the passive track more effectively. A performance evaluation is given. The method also includes conversion of the passive track to normalized-coordinates for use with multistatic tracking systems. The passive track quality is assessed to determine whether it is sufficient to justify cueing the active multistatic system.

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