Body heating and cooling garment

A wearable heating and cooling garment which utilizes fluid-carrying tubes and provides both air and vapor permeability to make a flexible, comfortable garment


The heating and cooling garment is breathable and launderable, and will maintain comfortable core body temperature under diverse conditions, whether indoors or outside. The vest can be connected to a faucet or to a cooling unit and unhooked briefly for mobility, or be more permanently tethered. The technology includes both a method and a pattern board for adhering tubing to a fabric substrate, to construct a heating and cooling garment. The method employs adhesive dots to fasten the tubing to the fabric, forming a single component, which is fused to a second layer of fabric, creating a tricomponent construction, with the tubing “sandwiched” in the center of two breathable layers. This method eliminates the need for stitching to hold the tubing in place. Sewn tubing has the problem of potential pinhole puncturing of the tubing, skin irritation from the threads themselves, lengthy manufacturing time, and needle holes that allow unwanted chemicals to penetrate the fabric. This technology is also superior to brushed or rolled-on adhesive which destroys porosity. Variations can be made for a chemical suit.

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