Cable tie with multi-slotted head and use-specific attachments

New add-ons and improved connection points on the base cable tie increase the functionality of this common tool and open up new uses


Cable ties (zip ties) are now a ubiquitous item in toolboxes at home and on job sites. They come in various sizes and strengths to meet a wide array of applications limited only by the strength of the material and the imagination of the user. But as utilitarian as these are, there is room for improvement in making them easier to use and in broadening their range of applications.

To meet the diverse needs encountered by the military, Army engineers have reimagined the cable tie and taken it to a new level of functionality with a novel set of attachments and connection points. The many types of additions include separate parts (figures 60 – 68) such as handles, pull tabs, surfaces that can be nailed or screwed, surfaces for labeling, and connections to other cable ties. Newly position slots and pawl mechanisms (figure 51) improve the gripping power of the core cable tie due to the fact that, when attached to an object, they conform better to the physical shape of the object and have less material between the cable tie and the object.

The improvements enable a wide variety of uses with the flexible combination of individual components. In particular, a defined set of core cable ties and attachments can be combined in a wide variety of ways, allowing great flexibility in configurations and use with a relatively small assortment of devices.

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