Closed magnetic wireless power transfer system

  • US Patent No. 9647483
  • Issued: May 09, 2017
  • Status: Active

A wireless power transfer system includes a receive coil system nested within a transmit coil system forming a closed magnetic circuit. The transmit coil system includes a non-planar tapered transmit coil disposed within a tapered ferrite housing and a layer of insulating material surrounding the non-planar tapered transmit coil and the tapered ferrite housing. The receive coil system includes a ferrite plug comprising a column portion centrally secured to a plate portion, a non-planar receive coil wound around the column portion, a layer of insulating material surrounding the column portion and the non-planar receive coil, and a hemispherical covering surrounding the insulated column portion and non-planar receive coil. The non-planar receive coil has a smaller diameter than the non-planar tapered transmit coil. The maximum outside diameter of the hemispherical covering is less than or equal to the minimum inside diameter of the non-planar tapered transmit coil.

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