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CNT synthesis in confined space and use as artificial hair flow sensor

  • US Patent No. 9658087
  • Issued: May 23, 2017
  • Status: Active

A method for making an artificial hair sensor, comprising the steps of: (a) depositing an electrode at each end of a microcapillary having an inside surface; (b) coating a structural fiber with alumina; (c) placing the alumina coated structural fiber inside the microcapillary, wherein part of the alumina coated structural fiber is in a spaced annular relationship with the microcapillary inside surface and part of the fiber extends outside the microcapillary; (d) placing the microcapillary and alumina coated structural fiber inside a heated furnace chamber; and, (e) injecting a vaporized catalyst into the heated furnace chamber. The vaporized catalyst may be a solution of ferrocene in xylene. The microcapillary may be made of glass.

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