Coaxial needle atomizing system

  • US Patent No. 9016671
  • Issued: April 28, 2015
  • Status: Active
Medical & Biotechnology

An atomizing system tar generating an aerosol for inhalation research is disclosed. The atomizing system, in one embodiment, is capable of functioning efficiently at ultra-low liquid and low gas feed rates through the use of a 32 gauge feed line. This feed line reduces dead space in the atomizing system as well as the amount of highly toxic and/or expensive fluid needed to perform the research. An aerosol is generated in a consistent and repeatable manner by injecting fluid at a teed rate of 0.2-20 μl/min into a gas stream from a compressed gas source at a pressure of 30-60 psi. An adapter is used to connect a syringe containing the fluid to be tested to the 32 gauge feed line.

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