Coherent image correlation

  • US Patent No. 8213740
  • Issued: July 03, 2012
  • Status: Active

Systems and methods for coherent image correlation are provided. The systems include sonars with overlapping frequencies that observe terrain from overlapping aspects to form sonar images. First and second sonar images are formed and are grazing angle compensated. The first image is formed using the open or closed aperture theorem. Forming the second image using the open or closed aperture theorem constraint is optional. If the first and second images are not aligned, a range of possible rotations can be defined and image pairs can be created for a sampling of rotational angles. In addition, the images can be aspect compensated to remove windowing and beam pattern effects, if necessary. Once both images are grazing angle compensated and aligned, values are calculated for each possible image shift. To obtain a correlation image, the correlation coefficient for each possible image shift is calculated.

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