Compact antenna assembly

  • US Patent No. 7084835
  • Issued: August 01, 2006
  • Status: Active

A compact antenna assembly which includes a lower member having a mast that is an elongated configuration terminating at an upper end and a lower end. The mast can be located at the center of an upper member. The upper member includes an emitter, having a perimeter, a top end, and a bottom end. The upper end of the mast is electrically connected to the perimeter near the top end. Furthermore, a collector with a centrally disposed opening can be placed in a horizontal plane which positions the collector orthogonally in space with respect to the mast so that the collector is electrically insulated from the emitter and the mast. The lower end of the mast is centered at the centrally disposed opening of the collector and extends perpendicularly to the plane of the collector.

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