Compounded high explosive composites for impact mitigation

  • US Patent No. 8943971
  • Issued: February 03, 2015
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

Compounded High Explosive Composites provide a novel family of low-cost explosives that exhibit anisotropic (directionally dependent, non-symmetric) sensitivity properties to replace current homogenous plastic bonded high explosives that are vulnerable to unwanted detonation from a variety of hazards and operating conditions. Anisotropic sensitivity behavior is largely achieved by manipulating the bulk property of critical diameter to fine-tune the compounded geometry of the explosive composite. As such, Compounded High Explosive Composites represent structural arrangements of small, spatially distributed, highly consolidated explosive units (pellets) arranged in a prescribed (but versatile) fashion in a motion and energy-dampening rubbery matrix. The compounded geometry and structural arrangement allows the explosive pellets to function cooperatively and detonate in an exemplary orientation, while ensuring the pellets do not cooperate in other directions to mitigate against known vulnerabilities and threats.

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