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Compressive beamforming

  • US Patent No. 9231303
  • Issued: January 05, 2016
  • Status: Active

A method of antenna array processing. Digitized time-series data from a plurality of antenna elements are divided into a plurality of time windows. A Fourier Transform is performed on a time window of the plurality of time windows for each antenna element of the plurality of antenna elements to generate a plurality of frequency domain vectors. The plurality of antenna elements is divided into a plurality of largest aperture sub-arrays. The frequency domain vectors are compressive beamformed tor the each sub-array to generate a plurality of bearing estimates corresponding to the plurality of sub-arrays. The plurality of bearing estimates from the plurality of sub-arrays are sparsely combined to generate a plurality of frequency-specific bearing estimates. The plurality of frequency-specific bearing estimates are incoherently averaged over a range of frequencies to generate a bearing for a bearing-timing record. A plurality of bearings for the bearing-timing record is generated.

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