Highly configurable shipping pallet

Modular and collapsible transport and storage device safely secures a wide variety of cargo


Feet accommodate forklift handling. The top frame includes separate spans that can slide along the top frame rails. Spans may be independently inserted into and removed from the top frame. Hoist rings allow for lifting and moving by a crane.

We are all familiar with shipping pallets as they are ubiquitous at warehouses, construction sites, or wholesale markets. These wooden constructions are normally 48 x 40 inches and have two decks such that they can be raised and moved by a forklift.  Securing cargo, material, goods and most any other object requires wrapping the pallet or strapping with various types of bands such as steel or reinforced nylon. In this sense, the pallet alone is nothing more than a platform as it does not adequately secure freight. These pallets are time-consuming to load and reconfiguration for partial or oddly shaped cargo is difficult. Extraneous tools and supplies are needed to assemble, load, and break them down and the materials are often thrown in the garbage. Additionally, many of these systems do not accommodate material handling equipment such as conveyors, slings, and trucks. All of these factors result in costly and inefficient systems for transport and storage using palletized devices.

Navy engineers have rethought the pallet and created a new device to secure loads.  These novel pallets are self-contained eliminating the requirement for additional tools for assembly or to secure cargo.  This transport and storage device is modular to accommodate full or partial loads of varying sizes, arrangements, and shapes. The system includes a top frame and a bottom frame to sandwich the load and a linking system between the two frames. The linking system comprises extensible paired rods on each side connecting the top and bottom frame.  The cargo facing side of the top and bottom frames contain adjustable separators, which further help to secure the load. These separators may be fully collapsed to lie flat.

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