Configuration for improving bonding and corrosion resistance of reinforcement material

  • US Patent No. 8859105
  • Issued: October 14, 2014
  • Status: Active

A coating for a reinforcing material, such as metal rebar, that increases the adhesion between the reinforcing material and a matrix, such as a cement-based mortar or concrete, in which the reinforcing material is embedded. The coating may comprise a glass frit mixed with a refractory material, such as dry Type I-II portland cement. The coating is bonded, typically by heat, to the surface of the reinforcing material. The reaction of the refractory component, e.g., portland cement, when the reinforcement, e.g., metal re-bar, is embedded in a matrix, e.g., fresh mortar or concrete, prevents the formation of soft precipitates at the interface of the matrix and its reinforcement. One coating comprises portland cement Type I-II combined with a commercial alkali-resistant glass frit. This coating is applied to a steel rebar and fired to bond to the rebar. The frit-refractory coating produces a strong bond between the metal rebar and concrete and may eliminate or significantly reduce the potential for corrosion of the rebar.

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