Controller for a temporary smart grid

Manages generation, storage, distribution, and demand


In the event of an emergency in which necessary electrical power is lost or disrupted for a significant length of time, a temporary power grid may be set up to meet prioritized demand. For instance, a flood may disable the installed electrical grid for several days during which local healthcare, emergency response, security systems, and communications are compromised. At the same time, functional energy generating assets may be available such as solar power, hydro, or diesel generators, but the absence of distribution, storage, and management systems for those resources render them useless to anyone further away than the length of an extension cord.

To address the above issues, Navy researchers have developed an electrical system controller that can be set up quickly and connected to available power sources, sensors, storage devices, and end users. Power sources can include those installed and operational or temporary sources such as generators. Sensors monitor load and available supply on the temporary microgrid, as well as a plethora of other data including weather and the status of assets. Storage devices may include batteries and other systems, which can be charged through the power conditioner. End users can include homes, standalone machines, computer or communications networks, or any other electricity demanding unit.

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