Cross-network cyber security with common protocol

Safe exchange of data over an untrusted or lower-classification network

Software & Information Technology

Cyber data theft continues to be a high concern for the military, private citizens, and corporations. The risk of having data stolen during transmission is higher when that information travels across networks or from one network over the Internet to another network. Many software-based security protocols have been used to address this issue with varying levels of success.

Army researchers are addressing the protection of data traveling across networks with a combined hardware and software approach. The architecture utilizes a system of routers as transfer components. The routers encrypt the data, but not the destination address of the receiving device. The receiving component is equipped to de-crypt the message. This system can be used to transfer information of different security levels such as unclassified, controlled unclassified, or classified. Of importance is that the routers can have different assigned security levels and function to interface with different security level data.

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