Cross-sectional functionally graded propellants and method of manufacture

  • US Patent No. 7896989
  • Issued: March 01, 2011
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

Methods of making cross sectional, functionally-graded munitions propellants exhibiting various distributions of particle concentrations and burn rate, including having a fast burning core and slower burning outer layer(s). Unlike prior art methods of preparing such munitions, propellants prepared according to our inventive method(s) may be performed substantially as a single extrusion step or as a few processing steps, without requiring the time, expense and/or difficulties that characterized familiar, laminating methods and methods which use multiple extruders. Our inventive method advantageously employs a demixing phenomenon that, prior to our inventive application and teaching, has been considered quite undesirable in the preparation of propellants where uniformity and well-mixedness have been propellant attributes widely sought after.

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