Custom network protocols for cargo container security

Global supply chain assurance from port of shipping to port of docking

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Container ShipIn order to improve global cargo container security, Navy researchers developed custom network protocols, fixed network access devices and handheld network access devices which include an Android-based mobile app. These technologies allow for monitoring and control of IEEE 802.15.4-based electronic locks and security devices on shipping containers throughout the global supply chain.

The Navy’s custom network protocols are a set of air interface discovery, data format, and messaging procedures that provide secure wireless-to-TCP/IP communications among a global ad-hoc network of container security devices, network access devices (NADs), and data centers. Using the protocols, a conveyance-mounted security device conducts network discovery to communicate with a NAD via IEEE 802.15.4. The security device provides uniquely formatted data to the NAD, which in turn relays the data to a data center via TCP/IP. The protocols enable status updates to be sent from security devices to data centers; and commands, such as arm and disarm, between data centers and security devices. The application for this technology is in the conveyance industry for cargo container monitoring and remote monitoring of electronic locks.

This US patent is related to US patent 8,607,049.

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