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Data filter for high confidence routing

Hardware/software filter for securing data between avionics system components  

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Air Force C-17 aircraft utilize the 1553 Standard and LRUs

Air Force C-17 aircraft utilize the 1553 Standard and LRUs

Line replacement units (LRUs) are plug-and-play avionics modules of diverse applications from radios to various system monitoring components. They receive and transfer data to each other and the bus controller.  Both military and civilian aircraft, ships and ground vehicles utilize a wide variety of LRUs from multiple vendors.  Because of the plethora of LRUs and the recent concerns of trusted software and components, securing data bus communications between LRUs has become of high interest.

Given the above interest in securing LRUs, Air Force researchers have developed a hardware and software system to isolate these modules and ensure that only authorized data is sent to, or transmitted from, LRUs.  The Air Force solution to islanding LRUs is to place a filter between the bus controller LRU and the remote terminal (RT) LRUs to ensure each LRU receives only the information necessary and intended for that LRU.  Additionally, the filter only allows the component to transmit when requested by the bus controller. Filtering the bus data further negates the possibility of LRUs and RTs to view unauthorized data or cause bus contention by transmitting when they are not allowed.

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