Data integration from legacy systems onto a simple and portable platform

Integration of disparate data onto a tablet speeds analysis and decision making

Software & Information Technology

It’s a regular occurrence in large organizations that personnel must access data from a wide range of hardware and software platforms, and combine that into one viewing and analysis format. This requires many different access credentials, data transfer, the normalization of data, and formatting – only a few of the time-consuming steps to just get to the analysis stage. In many scenarios, required data is in hand-written form and must be keyed into an electronic format. Navy personnel have struggled with this issue in performing maintenance on equipment. Data feeding the maintenance decisions comes from legacy databases, management systems, scheduling software, material systems, chip configurations, logistics sources, and perhaps five to ten additional repositories – each from a different vendor and possibly with differing data architectures.

In order to streamline this inefficient and unwieldy process, Navy researchers have developed a data integration system that efficiently pulls the disparate information into one application on a tablet computer. The system gathers data from different data sources and servers, and compounds the data into a central SQL Server database using various web services, SQL, .net, and/or API’s that have been made available.

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