Direct-to-metal and exterior durable non-skid coating

  • US Patent No. 9034946
  • Issued: May 19, 2015
  • Status: Active

A non-skid coating described herein attempts to overcome the deficiencies of the conventional coatings with improved external durability and color retention, a reduced level of VOCs, and direct-to-metal (DTM) adhesion using organo-siloxane chemistry. The non-skid coating has a first component having an amino-functional siloxane resin; a second component having a non-aromatic epoxy resin; a spherical filler for lowering viscosity; a pigment; a coarse aggregate; and a thixotropic agent. The amino-functional siloxane resin can be an amino-functional methyl phenyl polysiloxane, diphenyl polysiloxane or silsesquioxane-based resin. The non-aromatic epoxy resin can be cycloaliphatic or aliphatic. The first component is about 5% to 20% weight of the coating, and the second component is about 80% to 95% weight of the coating.

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