Dual response acoustical sensor system

  • US Patent No. 7206258
  • Issued: April 17, 2007
  • Status: Active

An array of pressure sensors and motions sensors is contained in a layered material system that includes an acoustically compliant layer and an acoustically transparent layer. The compliant layer (which vibrates in accordance with acoustical influence thereupon) is the foundation for both sensor types and is the vibratory medium for motion sensing. The transparent layer is the matrix for both sensor types and is the window permitting sound waves to reach the pressure sensors (which sense pressure of the sound waves) and the compliant layer (the vibration of which is sensed by the motion sensors). The compliant layer's exposed surface can be attached to a structure's exterior for passive sonar detection purposes. Since the pressure sensors are effective primarily for low frequency sound waves, and the motion sensors are effective primarily for high frequency sound waves, the invention is aggregately effective for a broad band spanning low and high frequencies.

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