Electrostatic protection testing, monitoring, and human-machine visual interface system and methods of use

  • US Patent No. 9927482
  • Issued: March 27, 2018
  • Status: Active
Software & Information Technology

Various electrostatic protection testing, monitoring, and human-machine visual interface systems and methods are provided. Embodiments include systems and methods for implementing an automated grounding wrist strap assembly test system and visual interface. Embodiments include a test station interface section, a computer system coupled with the test station interface section, software operable to control the test station and computer system, and a user interface that tracks dates of testing a ground strap or system and generates color coding associated with various status of testing of each tracked strap. Additional embodiments include access control systems that allow or deny access to entryways, access points, equipment stations as well as disabling operation of equipment. Embodiments also include a variety of warning systems that trigger based on pass or fail conditions.

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