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NAVSOLVE – an environmentally friendly cleaning solvent

A non petroleum-based solvent cleaner that is effective for cleaning oils, hydraulic fluids, and grease while meeting stringent new environmental regulations


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The Naval Air Station’s Materials Engineering Division in Patuxent River, MD has developed a non-petroleum-based solvent cleaner, NAVSOLVE™, which meets and exceeds stringent low-VOC and HAP-free specifications such as those of the California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District, as well as the DoD’s own MIL-PRF-32295 “Cleaner, Non-Aqueous, Low-VOC, HAP-Free.” NAVSOLVE™ is the only composition which meets and exceeds MIL-PRF-32295 for Type II cleaners, which involve a wet application with a cloth or spray and air drying.

Current petroleum-based solvents are widely used commercially and in the US military but contain hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which cause health and environmental problems. Typical petroleum-based solvents such as mineral spirits, Stoddard Solvent, PD-680, and MIL-PRF-680 contain significant quantities of these compounds that release into the air during cleaning processes and contribute to the level of ground-level ozone (photochemical smog) which can damage lung tissue, cause respiratory illness and damage vegetation.

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