Adaptable shaped charge device

Unit uses magnetic inserts in an attachment collar to enable rapid and accurate positioning of an explosive charge

Military Technology

The exterior side view of the novel explosive device (1) that Navy scientists have invented. Charge top (13); charge container (21); attachment collar (23); penetrator (25).

Scientists at the Naval Surface Warfare Center’s Crane Division have recently invented a novel device that enables rapid and accurate positioning of an explosive charge for penetrating targets. The patented technology is available via license agreement to companies that would make, use, or sell it commercially.

A shaped charge is a measured amount of explosive material molded to focus on the effect of the resulting energy. Linear shaped charges are designed to produce a uniform linear cutting action, but they tend to be limited in the thickness of targets that can be penetrated. They also often require pre-existing knowledge of target geometry to use effectively. Targets that are thick or made of irregular composites of materials traditionally require significant amounts of explosives to overcome.

As an alternative to linear shaped charges, Navy researchers developed an explosive device that can be positioned and re-positioned to target a particularly vulnerable location. The explosive charge is housed in a cylindrical container whose bottom face has an attachment collar with magnetic inserts. This feature allows for the device to be physically attached to the target at the optimal position. Unattaching and re-positioning the device is straightforward as well.

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