Fast Rope

A specialized rope for descending from a helicopter or other elevated platform that is resistant to wind and rotor downwash, and is suited for fast-roping to small targets such as roofs and boats


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ImageTraditional fast ropes used by the military and civilian first responders are limited in situations where there is significant prop downwash or high wind turbulence. Such situations create erratic movement of the rope and make it difficult for the roper to safely connect with the rope. The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) developed a new fast rope that is resistant to downwash caused by larger aircraft. The rope is designed to allow a safer grip higher up on the rope, and the rope provides high accuracy when descending to targets such as small roofs and boats.

The NAWCAD solution consists of three separate braids around a weighted or unweighted core. The weighted core alone provides stability, but the braids of dissimilar materials increase stiffness and also provide substantial stability in unweighted fast ropes. The design significantly absorbs or dampens the potential oscillations of the suspended rope, resulting in a fast rope that can be used in a much wider range of situations while always delivering improved accuracy and safety. The rope was originally designed to compensate for the high rotor wash generated by the V-22 Osprey, but the rope has proven advantageous against the rotor wash of heavy helicopters and has demonstrated safety and accuracy advantages under smaller aircraft as well.

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