Fixture for system-level glove testing of contact permeation

  • US Patent No. 9086351
  • Issued: July 21, 2015
  • Status: Active

A system and method for testing contact permeation of a glove using a mannequin hand having fingers and a thumb. A hand cradle supports the mannequin hand with the palm of the hand facing away from the hand cradle. A patterned weight block applies pressure to the palm, fingers, and thumb of the hand. A weight block is placed on the patterned weight block and the whole assembly is placed in an air tight containment box. The mannequin hand is covered with a protection layer, a sorptive glove layer, and a test glove. The test glove is contaminated with the chemical of interest. Pressure is applied to the palm, fingers, and thumb of the test glove, and the contaminant that permeates through the test glove into the sorptive glove layer is collected and measured.

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