Fluid consumption sensor for hydration optimization

Known by its inventors as the Drink-O-Meter

Medical & Biotechnology

The U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine has developed and tested fluid intake monitoring devices for studying and optimizing personal hydration.

An enabling component of these devices, a gear-type fluid consumption sensor, has been patented by the Army and is available to businesses and entrepreneurs for the development of new products.

Within the device, gear rotations are sensed by an LED and phototransistor as the user draws fluid (water) through a connected straw. A microprocessor with memory records and interprets the sensor data and connects to a graphical display through a communications jack to report volume measurements.

Maintaining optimal hydration supports cognitive and physical performance. The Army’s innovative design enables precise, real-time hydration monitoring and is adaptable to a variety of drinking containers, such as bladders, plastic bottles, and straws.

Businesses that license this device’s patent rights from the Army could use it in new portable electronic consumer products for athletes and trainers, medical patients, or fitness enthusiasts. Review the materials below and contact TechLink with your questions and for more information on this licensing opportunity.

One prototype of the device is shown connected to a hydration bladder. (Army photo)

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