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Fluoroalkylsilanated mesoporous metal oxide particles and methods of preparation thereof

  • US Patent No. 9777161
  • Issued: October 03, 2017
  • Status: Active

Treated, mesoporous aggregates comprising a plurality of coated particles that comprise an inorganic oxide core having a surface area of about 50 to about 500 square meters per gram and a shell or coating consisting of an array of fluoroalkyl molecular chains covalently bonded to the core at a density of at least one chain per square nanometer. The aggregates are formed by the chemical attachment of fluoroalkyl-alkylsilanes after exposure to an alkylamine and followed by an extraction to remove any unbound organic material. The dense packing of molecular chains in the fluoroalkyl shell combined with a mesoporous structure imparts a very low surface energy, a very high specific surface area, and surface texture over a wide range of length scales. Such features are highly desirable for the creation of, for example, superhydrophobic and superoleophobic surfaces, separation media, and release films.

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