Fuze pull pin detent device

  • US Patent No. 9010250
  • Issued: April 21, 2015
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

A grenade fuze assembly includes a fuze body and a striker lever fixed to the fuze body with a pull pin. A circular pull ring is attached to the pull pin. A detent device is disposed on a top portion of the fuze body and a top portion of the striker lever. The detent device includes four sides with a boss formed on an exterior of one of the four sides. The boss includes a curved slot for receiving and holding the pull ring. A pair of opposed locking tabs on opposite interior sides of the detent device engage the top portion of the fuze body. The detent device secures the pull ring to prevent accidental removal of the pull pin when the grenade is dropped and to prevent undesired noise cause by movement of the pull pin and pull ring.

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