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Global navigation satellite system signal decomposition and parameterization algorithm

  • US Patent No. 9025640
  • Issued: May 05, 2015
  • Status: Active

A method and apparatus is provided for intra-PIT signal decomposition of a signal received with RF front end hardware. The method begins by aligning a signal received by RF front end hardware into integer multiples of a duration of a pseudorandom noise code sequence. A search grid is computed based on an integer multiple of the aligned signal. A plurality of initial ray parameters associated with the computed search grid is coarsely estimated. Using the coarsely estimated plurality of initial ray parameters, a fine estimation of the plurality of initial ray parameters is initiated utilizing stochastic search and optimization techniques. A stopping criteria statistic is computed by comparing a peak power of the search grid with a noise power present in the search grid. Finally, in response to determining the stopping criteria statistic being less than a stopping criteria threshold, processing a next integer multiple of the aligned signal.

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