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Grenade fuze and detonator with flying disc

  • US Patent No. 9255777
  • Issued: February 09, 2016
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

A more IM compliant energetics train for a grenade fuze or a detonator includes an explosive charge containing PBXN-5 and a first charge containing PBX-9407 disposed adjacent to the PBXN-5 explosive charge. A flying disc is disposed adjacent to the first charge of PBX-9407. A barrel has one end disposed adjacent to the flying disc and an opposite end disposed adjacent to a second charge containing PBX-9407. Detonation of the first charge containing PBX-9407 causes the flying disc to accelerate through the barrel, impact the second charge containing PBX-9407 and detonate the second charge containing PBX-9407.

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