Hand-held device with reagents and method for detection and diagnostics

  • US Patent No. 9063046
  • Issued: June 23, 2015
  • Status: Active
Medical & Biotechnology

A hand-held device and method of processing a biological threat agent sample such that any infectious organism is rendered harmless while preserving it for subsequent testing, the method comprising placing a sample comprising a biological threat agent in a reservoir; adding a first reagent comprising peracetic acid in sufficient concentration to reach a predetermined minimal concentration after mixing with the sample in the reservoir; inactivating the sample upon interaction of the sample with the first reagent for a predetermined period of time at a predetermined temperature; removing the inactivated sample from the reservoir; and providing the inactivated sample for subsequent diagnostic testing, wherein the subsequent diagnostic testing is unaffected by inactivation of the sample. In another embodiment, the first reagent comprises a cupric salt, which is mixed with ascorbic acid and hydrogen peroxide to generate cupric ascorbate.

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