Handheld, dual absorption-fluorescence laser spectrophotometer

This unique biosensor combines absorption and molecular fluorescence spectrophotometry and is not yet commercially available

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Portable, commercially-available tools for molecular absorption spectrophotometry (MAS) and molecular fluorescence spectrophotometry (MFS) provide fast and accurate detection of biomolecules.

Enhanced patent drawing illustrating the device being loaded by a syringe.

What is not yet available is a tool that performs both MAS and MFS field testing of a fluid sample simultaneously.

Navy researchers have invented a combined MAS/MFS device that is portable (14 cm in length and 2 cm in diameter) with long absorption path length and long emission region.

This novel invention has potential as a new product design for businesses or an entrepreneur that would license the intellectual property and acquire available technical data for commercialization.

After a fluid sample is injected into the sample chamber, the power button activates the laser, display module, fluorescence detector, and absorption detector.

The laser light passes through the sample solution where absorption is detected opposite the laser. At a right angle, fluorescence is detected.

Values are sent to the display and compared to a baseline value previously recorded with a known blank sample. Positive readings over the baseline indicate the presence of biomolecules.

This biosensor may be used for detecting all biomolecules, or as a selective sensor for detecting only particular biomolecules. All biomolecules and biological cells (spores, human and bacterial cells, etc.) have proteins with their constituents being amino acids.

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