Heavy duty antenna mounting bracket

Designed to mount a wide variety of antennas securely to off-road vehicles

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Specialized mobile radios may require bigger, heavier duty antennas, which in turn, require heavier duty mounting systems. The increase in the physical characteristics of the antennae -increase in size, weight, height, or sensitivity – correspondingly increases the demands on the mounting system, not simply in terms of weight and gravitational forces placed on the mounting system by the heavier antenna, but also, at least, increased torque of the heavier antenna. Stresses are multiplied for those antennas mounted on off-road vehicles which are subject to jarring and twisting motion. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than on military Humvees deployed in mountainous regions.

Recognizing the need for a more robust mounting system for antennas on off-road vehicles the Navy has developed a bracket and mount strong enough to resist the torque on a heavy, long antenna caused by the vehicle turning abruptly and quickly. The mounting bracket includes several structural features to increase its rigidity. As a result, the antenna has a  decreased likelihood of twisting, warping, or otherwise deforming when exposed to lateral torque as well as other significant three dimensional stresses.

The mounting bracket both accepts a universal antenna support base and is mountable to a wide array of vehicle variants. This makes production, labeling, shipping, storage, and distribution much simpler and less expensive than earlier methods of antenna attachment which required unique mounting brackets for each type of vehicle.

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