High bandwidth circularly polarized (CP) patch antenna

Easy-to-implement circularly polarized microstrip antenna design that provides significantly higher bandwidth in retrofit or new constructs while maintaining device footprint and other important performance characteristics


Fig. 1 Measured bandwidth of conventional patch (black) and of invention (red) showing improved bandwidth


Fig. 2 Graph of boresight axial ratio for patch antenna without invention


Fig. 3 Graph of boresight axial ratio for patch antenna with invention

The Navy has developed and tested a novel approach that increased the bandwidth of a conventional microstrip patch antenna from a narrowband (~4% BW) to more broadband (~15%) antenna. This is done while also maintaining an axial ratio of < 3 dB over the passband. The key to this innovation is the use of three layers of high dielectric constant rods embedded in low dielectric constant spacers with the proper inter-layer spacing and rotation of the rods. This overall structure results in a CP patch antenna that increases the channel bandwidth from an existing antenna without increasing the footprint of the device while maintaining the desired polarization and other important performance characteristics. This invention is applicable for retrofits or incorporation into new systems.

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